Variety Show 2019


VARIETY SHOW; an event where people entertain the audience with their talent. Here, at Wausau East High School, the variety show is an important event for not only the choir students but also the entire school. It’s a time where everyone puts their all into what they love to do most and show it to their fellow peers!

In the choir room, students from Mixed Choir, Women’s Choir, and Men’s Choir combined work a lot on the variety show while balancing their choir studies throughout the whole school year until their second concert. Once that performance is finished, it’s just a long run towards variety show — their biggest concert yet! They’re given about two and a half months to practice their vocals and dances without anything in their way, and those months are full of fire and energy!

Practice is definitely important before a big performance. Each choir is given at least two leaders, a vocal leader and a choreographer, whom are responsible for the performance qualities in the show. They supervise the groups and encourage each member, but they’re also attentive to who needs more practice and what needs to be worked on most.

Meegahn Roesler, a senior in Women’s Choir who’s also in charge of vocals, said this about her leadership role; “I think this year’s group has been really nice. They’ve been really good to work with, but there have been times in the past that it depends on the people and how much energy they give you and how much they want to work with you, but, in general, the choir has been really good about that; really eager to learn and to listen.”

Lauren Hinker, a senior also in Women’s Choir but in charge of the choreography, said, “Some days, the groups that I’m leading are very chatty or they’re really not into listening, so it’s hard to get everyone to stay focused and pay attention to the dancing. But other days, they’re really engaged when they’re excited about it, so it kind of just depends on the day and the mood.”

Gabe Coppersmith, senior and leader in Men’s Choir, said this about their practices; “…we put a lot of work into our vocals. We also put a lot of work into the choreo. We have students in the class who choreograph the stuff themselves, which is a big of help to us, and just getting a lot of the guys to do it is a bit of a challenge because, I mean, not everybody’s a dancer. So a lot of work gets put into that. And then of course costumes, and all the work Mr. Jaeger puts into sound and lighting… It’s really amazing.”

In addition to Gabe’s words, Brenton Kneiss, a senior in Men’s Choir, replied, “…we put in as equally as we can. We, each whole, learn the dances. We learn songs, and we come together; put together our ideas. This show is all on us, so we put everything together, and we all work together to make the successful show that it is.”

Quite a lot of pressure has been put on the choir students! And although two months and a half may seem like a lot of time, or a little for that matter, with the many snow days that had came and gone this year, practices had been limited a lot. This had been quite taxing on the vocal leaders and choreographers, but they’ve pushed forward with positivity and hard work and managed to go far with the group.

Lauren Hinker replied that she’s feeling “…really good about it right now. The girls and the guys are dancing very well. Everything’s coming together, so I’m not as stressed as I have been in the past.”

Even the choir students have been pushing forward with positivity and hard work! Brittney Shnowske, a senior in Women’s Choir, said, “I’m feeling good [about the variety show] despite all the snow days that we’ve had. We’ve come a long way even though the Variety Show is coming really fast.”

Additionally, to the choir students, the variety show is not just an exam to them nor is it a time where they can goof off. Eleventh grader Tswj Ntug Xiong, who is new to Men’s Choir and the variety show, says, “…it means showing how talented a person is, yet it’s not discriminating or anything.”

To illustrate his words, Huxley Patten, a senior in Men’s Choir, replied that the variety show is “…a way for people to show their talent; whether that’s singing, or dancing, or — A couple years ago, they had a guy do a comedy routine. Stuff like that! It doesn’t have to be just vocal talent. It could be any kind of talent that you want to display, and it’s about showing what you can do to other people.”

And to Meegahn Roesler, “It means a lot ‘cause it’s more than just another opportunity to perform because it’s a chance to work with your peers and people that come from all different Wausau lives, so I think that it’s really cool to work together despite differences and similarities to make the spectacular show…”

So look forward to this year’s variety show as it’s said to be “…one of the best ones yet because we have a really great line up of talented artists.” as said by Charlie Richardson, senior in Men’s Choir.

Brenton Kneiss replied that the choir students’ song selection has “…the most variety in our pieces. You have the different decades: We have stuff from the 80’s, we have stuff current. I think it’s great that we have a nice variety. Some years passed, you may have seen songs that are more closer together in time. This year’s, there’s more of a distance. I think that’s great to see for all our audience members to enjoy our pieces, if you like one song or if you don’t the other. We have variety for everyone.”

And what may those pieces be? Lauren Hinker replied, “…our opener is ‘Wake Me Up Before You Gogo’ by Wham, and that will be all of Women’s Choir, all of Men’s Choir, and, at the end, we’ll incorporate Mixed Choir, so that’s a pretty dance-heavy song as well as vocal-heavy, so that one’s a challenge because everyone is dancing very hard and singing very hard, but it comes together really nicely.” And Gabe Coppersmith also added, “The whole choir is doing a Fun Medley, a lot of really cool stuff from them. And we’re closing with ‘Somebody to Love’ which is of course an iconic Queen song.

The variety show is coming closer than ever! On May 10th, the choir students will be performing the first round of the show in school. Meaning that the entire school will be their first audience before the second will be at 7 P.M. It will also be on May 11th, for anyone who will be missing it on that school day, at 3 P.M. and 7 P.M.

And to everyone and anyone who wants to be a part of the variety show or a part of choir, here are some inspirational quotes from all our interviewees!


“Just keep trying. I mean, I know it can get to be a really long process, and the couple weeks leading up to Variety Show are going to be really super tough with practice being almost every night and stuff, but, I mean, you just gotta keep doing it. Keep pushing through it, and keep a positive attitude, too. That’s really important.” — Ashley Borchardt (right)


“I would encourage them to try something different. It’s not about what people think of you. You come into Choir and you just forget everything; everyone just sees you as you and they don’t judge, they don’t criticize, they just love you for who you are!” — Brittney Shnowske (left)

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It’s a lot of fun to do, and I know a lot of people think it’s embarrassing dancing and singing, but it’s more fun than anything because once you get a combination for dance, or once you finally get the song, it comes together, and you’ll just — you’ll feel a really big sense of accomplishment. And it’s not a big of a time commitment ‘cause it all happens, pretty much, during class. If you’re not doing anything, if you just want something to do, then Choir is, for sure, the thing to do. And even if you’re not in Choir, audition for the Variety Show and sing or perform or do something cuz it’s a huge opportunity. I don’t want anyone to go through their high school career and be, ‘You know what I wish I would’ve done’ cuz that happens a lot. We hear that a lot of, ‘I wish I would’ve done the Variety Show’, ‘I wish I would’ve done a play or a musical’. You should utilize this time. Take advantage.” — Lauren Hinker


“Utilize this opportunity to express yourself and to get your voice out there because there’s so much for people to have union in this, and people just tend to hold back, and I think it’s a really good opportunity for people to step up and lead and try new things. And I think that… Yeah, that’d be my advice: just to step up and express your ideas.” — Meegahn Roesler






“I guess, for the people in future Variety Shows, you don’t need to be super nervous about what goes on because even if something gets screwed up, especially the school audience is very supportive, and it doesn’t… I don’t want to say it doesn’t matter, but if something bad happened, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, so it’s a good environment.” — Huxley Patten (left)


“Have fun. Don’t stress about it so much because it’ll come together and you’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. You get to hang out and put something really great together that you’re going to look back on and have a lot of good memories from. And you’re going to wish you can have it back so make it count!” — Gabe Coppersmith (right)




“For people in future Variety Shows, I just want them to know that no matter how it looks when you’re starting out, give it your all and it’ll turn out because people really need to remember that all the stress is in the heat of the moment, and eventually it’ll all come together and be exactly what you want.” — Charlie Richardson









“I would just say, honestly, have fun with it but also understand what you’re doing because you are performing in front of an audience. And make it something worthwhile. Enjoy what you’re doing, but also make sure you stay focused and keep that hard work going.” — Brenton Kniess









“Stay positive.” — Tswj Ntug Xiong











“Put in your work, and it’ll turn in good!” — Karina Bliese