Log Game Anticipation


Sharayah Lazaroff, Staff Editor

The log game, a longtime tradition between Wausau West and Wausau East, has been scheduled for this year on Friday, September 20th.  This year, the log is displayed proudly near the entrance to the main office of East after the decisive Eastside victory of the previous log game.  Kevin Grundy, the East Varsity Football Coach, emphasizes the importance of players working together for a common goal. “[We] want to develop a competitive mindset and for every player to be an important investment to the team,” Grundy said.  

This year, Wausau East has been on fire, winning nearly all of their games this season.  “[We] have a long way to go to be successful,” Grundy said about the recent success of the team, “[We] want to get better as a team and to approach every play with our best effort!”.  Friday marks the 49th annual log game, and East’s strong effort and team-focused attitude doesn’t seem to be diminishing any time soon. When asked about his prediction for the outcome of this coming log game, Grundy said, “As long as I have been coaching I have never known a team to ever practice to lose. This should indicate what my prediction is!”.